The brewery is in the mail

Well I’m home from India, the home brewery is in the mail, and the UPS, DHL, And FEDEX. I got, a 40 quart Liquor tank, 10 gal igloo cooler, the ball valves to Make em work, two 185,000 BTU gas cookers, a 40 quart brew kettle, fermentation equipment, scale, thermometers, tubing, siphons, aerators, primary, secondary, gamma buckets (a week ago no idea what those even were). Well it’s a ton of stuff. Tomorrow I’m going to start the build on the the platforms and such. Also reconfiguration of the space. I have to add gas lines and electrical.As opposed to sending the screen shots of it all, but probably better to wait for it to arrive. Ill post as I get it installed.

Very excited! 


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