How to drill a pot

If you have never done this it’s amazingly simple, just need a few tools. What you see here is my liquor tank, I used an aluminum tamale pot from amazon. Two reasons I picked this, it was $50 with lid, and it was very broad, not tall like a Boil Kettle. Since water does not boil over, scald, or act like anything but water, I wanted more heating surface. I’ll say it heats very fast, works perfectly.
1. Roll a towel up like a scroll, and rest the pot between the rolls like a cradle, measure equidistant between the handles, a pice of string is great, hold it on each handle mark where you held it, fold it in half, mark the center, Put it back and mark the center. Trace the mark to the vertical place you want the hole. Measure from the base of the top and mark the horizontal. If you are placing at the base, be sure you have room for nuts and washers if a ball valve is being installed.

2. Use a punch and gently dent the pot this is the center of your hole.

3. Now you need a step drill bit. It’s an odd looking drill bit for just this purpose, pictured below. Drill the hole to the exact size you need. Depending on the pot materials this will go fast.

4. Use sand paper, or ideally a dremel and smooth away any burrs. You are done. Just put the ball valve, thermometer or what ever you drilled for in, check for leaks, and your in business.

You will notice I don’t run a drilled thermometer in this pot.  I have two digital chef thermometers one for the liquor tank and one for the mash tun.  I’m a huge fan of this set up, with two portable thermometers I can double check temps, or spot check temps at any point.  Since the probes detach I keep them in a container of sanitizer when brewing and not in use. I just grab them when needed.  Also the have a temp alarm when I’m at temp they alert me.  A lot less cleaning too.


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