Learning along the way

Well having not even brewed a single beer start to finish, and already the “oops” moments are piling up. Or rather, learning moments. Here is my current list of, “you are better than this” stuff.
1. Don’t drain sanitizer from a 6.5 gal glass carboy on a bucket without supporting it. Sanitizer is slippery and when it slipped it tipped and hit the garage floor, well glass was everywhere. Causing my wife to come running, I assume to patch wounds, I ran in to see the damage. Leading to number 2.
2. Never ever ever walk away from an early Boil, it will boil over.

3. When I batch sparged I did not account for the large volume of 154F mash, I pushed in the hot water, and it immediately fell to, just over 154. If you want 165, sparge water has to be HOT!

4. On my second batch, not even thinking, I made a yeast starter with tap water. Like I was boiling rice. This did not even dawn on me until today when I was buying water for the next brew. A quart of chlorinated water in the whole mess should not even matter, it’s the think before you act thing.

5. Get stressed about what is going on. After all the research and planning, I was so worried about the first yeast starter (did it in a growler). I could not see anything, I worried I killed it, then it took 24 hours to become active in the fermenter. I was checking it all the time. Well, turns out I did not need to worry, after 24 hours it went nuts. Hearty krausen, like really really hearty. (I also upgraded to a 2000 ml beaker for yeast starters, it’s worth it I can see everything)

Except for the expense and clean up the only real problem was the carboy loss. Otherwise, all is good over here, learning every day.


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