Second beer in the keg

The golden elderflower went in the keg, the precabonation taste was great the floral came through and it was dry and crisp.  Dropping the ph to 5.2 was brilliant, thanks Eric.

Keezer build, the final chapter

We built the full keezer this weekend, all that is left is the finish.

It was we took the three panels and attached them to a  base, with casters.

Assembly was a snap.

In we slid the Haier 7.1, then attached the collar.  We used silicone and screws.

From here we drilled the holes for shanks and the cross braces for drip tray.

The top was screwed and glued.

Day two brought the mechanical.  Installing regulators, a manfold and the taps.

The temp control is on the back.  The finished keezer is beautiful.

Thanks to my Father in Law, Dave.  


Four corny kegs arrived this week.  They were in great physical condition but covered in years of sticky coke syrup.

I cleaned them removed all the stickers and still gunky.

So I busted out the orbital sander.  Started with 180 grit, I cleaned em up, went to 320 grit, then ended with 600 grit.  They look like new-ish.  They are still old soda kegs, hope they like a soft end to a long life.

They arrived in Florida from a previous life, right to left, bozeman Montana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Italy.

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