Release the Krausen!!!

Brewed a porter this weekend, used danstar nottingham yeast.  I made a 1.2L starter on my nifty new stir plate.  Which as side note may be the end of gadgets for a while, judging by my wife’s reaction.  Well I estimate I had more than 300 mil yeast cells.  Over night, well the krausen went ballistic, it blew the stopper, and I use the over lip caps, hard to blow those.  Krausen filled the fridge, and is still blowing off.  I switched to a 1 gallon container, its still blowing.  The loss is about 1/2 gallon I guess.  ​


Too many empties

Simply too many empty kegs, but have three in the fermentation cycle.  And two more set to brew in the next two week finally I may get ahead for a while.  

Its alive!!!

I’ve never seen this process before.  I think Thats the yeast making “krausen” the bubbles are co2 a bi product of the consumption of sugar. ​

This is a brown We brewed today. Tim came over and was the assistant brewer.  

Nice rack!

Moved the NEIPA to secondary let the dry hopping begin.  The gravity is 2 points low, could be the Conan yeast, i pitched around 400mil cells, and it caught perfectly.  But just in case im calibrating the hydrometer.

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